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If you are looking for a way to get an above average return on investment (R.O.I.), backed by a solid asset (real estate), and without the typical challenges of being a landlord, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Please take a few minutes to explore the website, watch my short explanatory videos and see what it is that we do here at The Rock Investments LLC.

I believe that real estate investing, done properly and in an educated, logical manner, is the best investment available for the average person.

However, if it were actually easy, everyone would be doing it!

Here are a few of the challenges prospective investors face:

  • How to learn all the in’s and out’s of investing in properties.
  • Finding the right market to invest in (and the right time to invest).
  • Choosing right investing strategy and the appropriate kinds of properties to buy.
  • Creating a solid, experienced and effective real estate POWER TEAM.
  • Managing the deal during acquisition, managing the property during the deal, and coming up with a profitably and timely exit strategy

Fortunately for our investors, my team and I take care of all of this.  It’s what I like to call a “Hands-Free Investment” for them.

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Multi-Family Investors:

Who are we? The Rock Investments LLC is a real estate investment company. We have been actively involved in the nationwide investing area real estate investing for a number of years. Our mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above average return on investment (R.O.I) for our investor partners and ourselves. It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

What Do We Do?

We focus primarily on Multi-Family properties and we provide good local families with quality housing while at the same time getting our investor partners and ourselves an above average return on investment.


Is Seller-Financing a great investing strategy???

Is Seller-Financing a great investing strategy???
Seller-financing is one of the most creative ways to do deals in Real Estate. Seller-financing can be utilized in other sales as well including car sales, boat sales, etc. If the seller is willing to consider seller-financing, there is a possibility to make it happen.
Why would a seller want to consider seller-financing?
There are many creative ways to create true win/win situations in this scenario if you think about it on a much deeper level. Here are a few examples:
– If the purchase of the property is too high with the higher interest rates right now for the numbers to work, the buyer can take over the existing mortgage with the lower interest rate. It is better to pay 4% interest rate than 7-8% interest rate in today’s market. It is almost twice as more on the mortgage payment every month for the same loan amount!
– The seller can get a higher sales price by keeping the lower interest rate otherwise they will most likely have to sell at discount to make the numbers work.
– An investor can defer their taxes by utilizing seller-financing otherwise they will have to pay capital gains taxes. The capital gains tax is waived when the property is passed on their children at the time of their death.
– The seller can create monthly streams of income by utilizing seller-financing. If the seller owned several properties and sold them via seller-financing with a 30-year amortization schedule, the seller can earn a nice monthly passive income for 30 years.
– Buyers can acquire properties or properties with a lower down payment.
– Buyers benefit from the lower interest rate and they do not have to go through the hoops of getting approved by a bank.
– The seller gets a sizable down payment and collect monthly payments until the loan is paid off. If the buyer defaults on the loan, the seller keeps the property and they can repeat the process with a new buyer with another down payment and the monthly payment.
There are several creative ways and positive ways to utilize seller-financing that creates true win/win situations for everyone involved. Seller-financing is a great way to build wealth over time if done correctly.
***Be an Overcomer!***

Due on Sale Clause?

Due on Sale Clause?

Due on Sale Clause is provided by lenders which people need to be aware of. We have a tendency not to read the fine print which can get us in trouble financially.

Big name banks like Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. tend to be more strict with their clauses that prevents people from changing their name of ownership on a property to an entity. Big name banks also do not want us taking over somebody else’s mortgage payments without prior approval. If they find out we made any changes the ownership of the property, they can automatically declare the entire loan balance due immediately. This is where we can get in trouble financially and be at risk of losing the property despite trying to do the right thing and still make the monthly payments.

There are creative ways to work around the Due on Sale Clause with proper approval and documentation in advance. Another option is to do seller financing instead in which you pay the seller instead of taking over the mortgage which would require approval as if you are getting a new loan.

If you want to take advantage of the low-down payment with traditional mortgages in your personal name, you can do a Quit Claim Deed after closing into an entity. It’s recommended you have a conversation with the lender what their Due on Sale Clause is. If they allow change of ownership name, then that could play to your advantage to acquire more properties over time and not have it show on your personal credit since it would be in an entity name instead of in your personal name. Too many properties in your personal name affects your credit and your ability to get more loans even if you are getting rent from all the properties. You are still limited to how many properties you can own at any given time.

***Be an Overcomer!***

Entity Name Creation and Proper Punctuation???

I look at multiple loan applications, and I also own several entities personally whether it’s a limited liability corporation (LLC) or a corporation (Corp). I have noticed a few patterns that might be beneficial for someone considering creating a new entity in future. The purpose of creating an entity is to provide tax shelter and to prevent from lawsuits. Also, there are many businesses out there with very similar names. For example, you may see an LLC set up like this:

Example 1: ABC Company LLC
Example 2: ABC Company L.L.C.

They both look very similar, and it is easy to assume that it’s the same company. When a new entity is created, the borrower can choose how to name their business and with the punctuations of their preference. The entity is then recorded by the State that the entity is registered in and an Articles of Incorporation is created with the exact entity name with the proper punctuations. The punctuations can include a comma, period, or some others that is commonly used.

The above examples are not the same company because Example 2 has the periods after each letter for the LLC. Therefore, they are 2 separate companies. There are many companies registered throughout the U.S. with very similar company names.

When considering a new entity name, I strongly suggest you create a unique name that is personalized. I strongly suggest you avoid using punctuations like periods on the LLC like in Example 2. The reason for this is because I had to go back and forth with title, insurance, and the contracts to correct the proper punctuations and spelling for the borrower’s company name. It MUST be accurate so the loan is recorded to the appropriate owner. The LLC in both examples is different, though the name of the company is the same which is VERY common.

Also, I recently had an insurance company reach out to me telling me I had an outstanding balance owed on a property in Indiana which I sold last year. After carefully reviewing the policy, I realized the entity name was spelled differently than mine, but it was a common name. Plus, the address did not match any of the properties that I owned and I know I did not have insurance in the past year. I’ve also heard other stories like a lawsuit being sent to the wrong business owner because the company names are similar which you want to
avoid at all cost possible!!!

***Be an Overcomer!!!***